Steering Towards Success

Our Dedicated Trustees

Our Trustees are driven by a shared commitment to uplift and empower the UK Muslim community.

Helal Ahmed


Helal is a remarkable serial entrepreneur, known for being the visionary behind multiple successful brands. As a dedicated father of 5 and a passionate student of knowledge within the Muslim community, he embodies a commitment to personal growth and community engagement. With his numerous achievements, Helal is devoted to sharing his wealth, inspiration, and knowledge to drive the much-needed positive change within his community.

Akhtar Hussain


Akhtar Hussain devoted 16 years to studying the Quran and Islamic sciences. For the past 25 years, he has been an esteemed teacher, with over 100 students completing the Quran memorization under his direct guidance. His passion for education extends to his own family, as all seven of his children are dedicated to studying the Islamic sciences. Notably, three of them have earned the prestigious permission (Ijazah) to recite the Quran in seven different styles. Akhtar’s commitment to imparting knowledge and preserving Islamic traditions is truly remarkable.

Rasheda Akhtar


Rasheda is an accomplished Pharmacy graduate from John Moors University in Liverpool. Following her studies, she embarked on a career as a community pharmacist, steadily advancing into senior management roles. During this time, she witnessed the pressing issues faced by the community, which fueled her passion for making a difference.

With a wealth of management and professional skills, Rasheda is resolute in dedicating her efforts to aid those in need. 

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