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At Ummah Vision UK we are paving pathways for a brighter, empowered Muslim community in the UK.

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Creating Awareness, Driving Change

The UK’s Muslim community faces significant challenges, from economic hardships marked by high unemployment and predominance in low-wage roles to severe mental health issues, including alarming rates of suicidal tendencies among the youth. Despite being a minor fraction of the population, they are disproportionately represented in prison statistics. These struggles underscore a broader narrative of systemic disenfranchisement affecting the community.

13% of Uk Prison Population

Muslims represent a disproportionate 13% of UK inmates.

Poor Mental Health

Mental health issues are alarmingly prevalent among UK Muslims.

Economic Disadvantages

UK Muslims often face steep economic barriers.

High Unemployment

Over half of UK's Muslims grapple with joblessness.

0 Million

Muslims in the UK

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Where faith meets opportunity, and challenges transform into change

Ummah Vision is a UK charity that is focused on building bridges, bolstering potentials, and brightening futures in the UK Muslim community.

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Empowering Activities for Growth

At Ummah Vision, we’re passionate about fostering positive change through a range of carefully curated activities. Our diverse programs are designed to touch every aspect of an individual’s life, ensuring holistic development and a sense of belonging in the community.

Core Programs

Dive into transformative courses like ‘Discipline Your Mind’, benefit from ongoing mentorship, and tap into career advice and placements.

Daily Activities

Our daily offerings blend spiritual practices, such as the 5 prayers, with wellness activities like outdoor meditation, ensuring continuous growth and support.

Weekly Activities

Experience spiritual upliftment with Jummah prayers and bond with the community through enriching Saturday sleepovers

Yearly Activities

From the joyous celebrations of Eid to the introspective Itikaaf retreats, our annual events aim to deepen faith and foster unity.

Steering Towards Success

Our Dedicated Trustees

Our Trustees are driven by a shared commitment to uplift and empower the UK Muslim community.

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Education, a cornerstone of Islamic values, is central to Ummah Vision's mission. Dive into our dedication to empowering…


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